ZEN Online


Hello and Welcome to ZEN Online

Our online shop has launched!

We would like to thank everyone for their support and input, especially in these last few weeks. 

Presently all our efforts are set on Monique's clothing ranges, which will expand immensely in the coming weeks. The interior décor products will be added later, so make sure to check back regularly. 

Our Moniiki range is for the most part made from limited run fashion fabrics, so quantities are limited - which means you will probably never bump into someone else wearing the same outfit.

If you require something specific that is not listed in the shop currently, feel free to contact us directly.

In the meantime, enjoy your shopping experience with us!

Our available in-house brands:

Moniiki is our specialist clothing range, focusing on athleisure and swimwear, while SilverChilli is our printed T-shirt range. ZEN Décor covers the interior décor and art environments, and Zorki is our soon-to-be-launched pet accessories range with combined elements from both a fashion and interior design perspective. 

ZEN Decor Listing.jpgZorkiSilverChilli